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International summer course at Tyft, Tjörn, Bohuslän.
(Please see the application form for the course period)

Organizers: The Royal Society for Swedish Culture Abroad (Riksföreningen Sverigekontakt) and the Billströmska folkhögskola (collage for adult education).

Location: Tyft is an idyllic agricultural place in the middle of the island of Tjörn, 60 kms north of Gothenburg.

Contact information: Mail: Billströmska folkhögskolan, Tyft, SE-471 93 Kållekärr, Phone: +46 (0)304 676570, Fax: +46 (0)304 676580,
E-mail: info@billstromska.fhsk.se , Website (in Swedish): www.billstromska.fhsk.se

Levels of studies: Level I (Elementary, but not for complete beginners), Level II (Intermediate) and Level III (Advanced). Participants should have at least a slight notion of the Swedish language to benefit from the course. 

Course content: Classroom teaching of the Swedish language 4-6 hours per day. Lectures, study tours and excursions with emphasis on language, culture and the local society on Tjörn and the province of Bohuslän.

Outdoor activities: Good possibilities for swimming in the sea and for cycling on Tjörn’s fine bicycle trails.

Course fees: SEK 13 700 for accommodation in single room with own toilet and wash basin, SEK 11 400 for accomodation in a double room with shower and toilet, SEK 8 400 for students from Eastern Europe with accommodation in double room. Please note that wishes for a particular room category will be met to the extent possible but can not be guaranteed. The course fee covers classroom teaching in the Swedish language, study material, lectures, study tours, excursions, accommodation and all meals.

Application: Deadline for application is May 31. The application form in English can be downloaded - you can find it to the left on this page.

Information can be obtained from the Royal Society for Swedish Culture Abroad (Riksföreningen Sverigekontakt), Box 53066, SE-400 14 Göteborg, E-mail: info@sverigekontakt.se

Riksföreningen Sverigekontakt, Dicksonsgatan 6, Box 53066, 400 14 Göteborg, Tel: +46 31 81 86 50, Fax: +46 31 20 99 02, info@sverigekontakt.se